A bunch of people are sitting in a room and attending a conference which is broadcasted live by a camera on a tripod. Other people are watching the same conference from distance using eventera.

Increase profits by live
streaming your events

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Why should you
use Eventera?

Exponentially increase revenue

Earn more money on events that you have already set up by selling digital tickets.

Provide your customers with flexibility

Serve customers that can’t attend your event or prefer watching it online.

Boost brand awareness

Add to your brand dynamism by getting access to a global audience.

Minimize costs

We handle the IT infrastructure, i.e. the livestreaming, payment, and customer support tech.

Easy to set up

An extremely intuitive, all-in-one platform that requires no technical background to be used.

Simply put

We are the first marketplace connecting events viewers with event creators using state-of-the-art live streaming technology. On top of that, our platform is an all-in-one solution, meaning that we also handle the ticket payments and customer support.

Desktop mockup showing eventera’s future dashboard for event creators, that includes a global digital map showing statistics regarding the number of viewers and where they come from, the total revenues, plus increases and decreases in the company’s popularity

How can you use Eventera?

Create your event
Fill in the information about your event and post it.
Desktop mockup displaying how event creators can create and post their events
Prepare devices for live streaming
All you need is a high-end mobile device, a tripod, a reliable microphone and an operator that manages the live stream. Any higher-level equipment will be supported.
Man setting up his mobile phone on a tripod and trying to find the right angle in order to live stream the meetup
Go live
Make your event instantly available to your remote customers.
Mobile mockup displaying how event creators can broadcast their event with one tap in their phone

Want to be notified as soon
as Eventera goes live?